Savings in cost, production, and monitoring is provided by the slickline services. Extensively trained personnels are available to install the most updated technology for our customers to reduce restoration trips inside the well, assisting production. Monitoring well statistics will be like no other when using fiber optic slickline. DepthRite, a type of correlation system, assists in monitoring as well. Small details can not be surpassed as this system by scrutinizing well statistics. A user-friendly display panel allows your employees specific information without unnecessary hassles.

Pipeline Commissioning:
Flooding, Hydrotesting, De-watering, Drying, Nitrogen packing.

Pipeline Cleaning:
Pipeline Pigging: Pigging Project Design and Execution; Pipeline Commissioning; De-scaling, De-sanding & De-waxing

In-line Inspection (Intelligent Pigging) Services:
Inline Inspection Capability includes: MFL thickness, Metal Loss and Corrosion Inspection, Impact/Data Logger Services for dent and deposit indication; Internal Geometry/Caliper Measurement.

Chemical Cleaning Services:
Chemicals are used to enhance the cleaning of gas and oil lines, and improve the effectiveness of mechanical cleaning tools. Pipelines are better prepared for effective inline inspection. We also provides chemicals for thorough de-scaling of heat exchangers, chillers, pipes. Other chemicals are used to remove wax/parrafin from wells, pipelines and to open up of plugged flow-lines, pipelines, wells Etc.

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